Before submitting your content you should read the CONCEPT-ART
Where do i upload content?
Before submitting your content you should read the CONCEPT-ART
The site connects to several comunities where all the reference content is hosted
The content must have the correct license to be used. Non-Commercial Share Alike license
As a user, you agree with the terms wend you upload grafic or music content.
As soon as you upload content or share on the comunity, it passes several stages:
1 - Reference (use for color, camera angle, etc, doesn´t appear on final credits)
2 - Choosen content (appears on site or is archive in scraps folder)
3 - Final (hosted on a local network farm, to be compose to final content, name in end credits)
Note: If the origin of content is from a company, studio please read GET INVOLVED.
You may share the content, invite or even be invited to the oficial INOST comunity, easily identify by the INOST logo. Each Track/Clip is identify by the number of the music track, so wend you send content choose the right music track.
General information
What is INOST?
Is a colection of share content over the years and also a brand new version directed by Nuno Rodrigues.
INOST is the codenamed extracted from "NIN GHOST", the Nine Inch Nails Halo26 album from 2008.
NIN GHOST album is shared under Non-Commercial Share Alike license which allows you to contribute content and freely share the clips as long as you keep the credits. Read more about sharing

INOST will be the world’s first free/open source feature made on a cloud production.
Fell free to peek the, the making off, check the blog, tutorials goodies and much more.
How many Tracks and Clips
There is a default clip for every music track.

01        09


10        18


19        27


28        36


37        39

01 10 19 28 37
02 11 20 29 38
03 12 21 30
04 13 22 31
05 14 23 32
06 15 24 33
07 16 25 34
08 17 26 35
09 18 27 36

Updated: 01-03-2015

GHOST - Meaning
The spirit of a dead person.
To haunt specific locations.
A returning or haunting memory or image.
A nonexistent or fictitious persona.

Television or radar screen caused by reflected waves.
A image distortion caused by the optical system of the camera.
An unwanted spectral line caused by imperfections in a diffraction grating.
A displaced image in a mirror caused by reflection from the front of the glass.


CodeName: IN OST {Track ID}
Video Format: HD and DCP
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Audio Format: Dolby 5.1
Production: SPUMLight
Producer: Became one
Director & Writer: Nuno Rodrigues
Director of Photography: Became one