GHOST is a instrumental album, there are no lyrics, poem or music titles. Inost is part of the main title N(IN) GH(OST), some letters faded and INOST became the code name, the starting point.
The music melodie, tempo (bpm) are at the core of inspiration.
Spectrograms help visualise the changes of patterns.
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The challenge as Ghost-writer was to create a narrative similar to the lyrics of preceding halos.
Below is a collection of words remove from the lyrics of previous álbuns.
All the words build a custom dictionary, used has suggestions on the process of written the 9X4 stories.

ToP Words - all alBUNS

104 god
096 feel
088 time
073 give
062 control
061 need
060 head
057 world
053 closer
049 hey

Write about what you know

Normaly I write about things I know, INOST was not the case, I deviate from the "write about what you know" and start my research about content related to the album title.
Check the FAQ Frequently Ask Page and a glossary.
All the questions started to motivate the search for more answers, rewriting as arguments what was really interesting. I must explain that all the stories were wroted at the same time. Scatter ideas, list of diferent topics, list of names. Them was the hardest part, the process of indexing all the studies. Rewriting.
Following the basic story telling rules. Begin, middle and end. Rewriting.
Until somekind of struture started to crystalise.

My second self-inflicted challenge, was to write the impossible; a story without characters.
Made some exercises to fix the problems obvious problems like the lack of empathy, the lack of a face, expression and emotions.
Even so i decided to write the story by layers.

1 - Without characters.
2 - Documentary
3 - Narrator
4 - Add the characters

1 - Without characters, no expressions, human form, human tools. Without situations the final result, look like photos from a trip.
So I start reading more about distance galaxies, the origins of the universe, unseen phenomenon, unreal landscapes, seasons nature changes, light changes, similarities in microcosms vs macrocosm and other interresting matter.

2 - Line up to have a good sequence and the story start to emerge. Instead of reading a comic only make sence of the story by the image sequence.

3 - Adapt to arguments a symbolic narrative, using visual overlaping forms to express new meanings. Choosing the right questions, deeply meaningful and share among the society. Imposing profound truths, metaphorically and symbolically in a universal context.
Every documentary had a narrator to tell the facts, one voice for all the possible characters, a ommious continuous voice over, imagine Tricky ghostly voice.

4 - By this time a list of characters with names, profiles, dialogs and arguments struture the story.

Several stages of rewriting took place, many trials and errors to sync the writing with the tracks.

This is a work of fiction.
All content is a product of the author’s imagination.
The views and opinions expressed do not represent the authors and/or any/all contributors.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.