Is a brand new version write and directed by Nuno Rodrigues the ghost writer of INOST, and is also a colection of share content related to halo26 over the years.
SL_SPUMLIGHT INOST is the codenamed extracted from "NIN GHOST", the Nine Inch Nails Halo26 album from 2008.

For me a perfect movie must have the soundtrack of Nine Inch Nails, when in 2008 the instrumental album Ghost came out with creative rights of use and sharing immediately felt motivated to write the lyrics of the song and later on 2015 wend I re-read and felt inspired to revive the challenge and adapt the INOST lyrics to a collection of 36 short films that all together build up a full feature film.

The first source of inspiration, were the 36 songs, the melody the rhythm, the instruments even the beats per minut, next was all the information that could extract, like spectrograms that visually illustrate the songs, etc.

GHOST word brainstorming exercises explored to build narratives, several meanings, derived words and studies to knock the facts right. The result was a number of documents with numerous ideas in the form of arguments which later were index to the sequence of the tracks. I didn´t want to break the creativity flow, therefore the story was separated temporary from the music and was later on readapt to the tracks. I love timeless storys INOST is one of those it begins from the long time ago until to the present day.

NIN GHOST album is shared under Non-Commercial Share Alike license which allows you to contribute content and freely share the clips as long as you keep the credits. Read more about sharing

INOST will be the world’s first free/open source feature made on a cloud production.
Fell free to peek the making off, read blog post, learn new stuff, get some goodies.


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The premise

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It will be a sci-fi story on a futuristic, muted, machinery landscape.Creative Nonfiction
Targeting audiences at aged 13 and older.
Audience: 13 years older

Release: to be publish

The Settings

The 15-minute pilot takes place across three different locations:

Begin of the clips.

The final setting of the pilot film, seen just briefly in the final shot, is Cosmos Laundromat itself. Here you get a glimpse of how Victor’s “magic” works, and the literal meaning behind his promise to Franck that his new lives will “wash him clean.”


No people, no Animals, no narrative, no dialogue or personifications.
There are some objects scattered to sugest the present of humans and give a sense of scale and funcionality.
The aim is to tell stories that describe a world, a society like never seen before, ovoiding comparison to other projects, or relying on individual characters to tell a story. INOST is essentially metaphysical tale. Read more about the non cast.

The Gallery

The art of INOST is constantly changing were you can see some of the iterations.
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CodeName: IN OST {Track ID}
Video Format: HD and DCP
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Audio Format: Dolby 5.1
Production: SPUMLight
Producer: Became one
Director & Writer: Nuno Rodrigues
Director of Photography: Became one


Title: Ghosts
Genre: Ambient industrial
Duration: 109:56sec
Label: The Null Corporation
Recorded: Oct–Dec 2007 California, USA
Released: March 2, 2008
Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Alan Moulder


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“INOST” is a archive of content and a colection of Video Clips created by talented internacional artist that share their knowledge and passion on creating.
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